The National Programme for Conservation and Energy Efficiency (Tarsheed) by the General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) helped Qatar remarkably bring down carbon emission and conserve water and electricity in 2019.
Under the prestigious programme, various initiatives were launched and implemented in an attempt to achieve the goal of rational use of electricity and water. These include intervention by Kahramaa in the Qatari market where agreements were signed with various companies to ensure energy efficiency through star ratings for electrical devices and water pumps as part of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) programme.
To control carbon emission and to fight climate change, Kahramaa initiated steps to diversify energy sources and to bring down the use of fossil fuels. To attain this, an electric vehicle policy was launched and schemes were introduced to encourage electric vehicles in the country in line with the policy.
As part of the efforts by Tarsheed to reduce harmful carbon emissions by 7% across all sectors in Qatar by 2022, a few electric charging stations were opened in the country while the first Tarsheed Photovoltaic Station for Energy Storage and Charging Electric Vehicles was opened at Kahramaa’s Mesaimeer Complex. The station with a total area of 270 sq m is equal to 24 cars’ spaces. The total power produced from these panels is 72 KW peak. These initiatives were implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC). Also, in 2019, a tripartite power synergy agreement was signed by Kahramaa with Qatar GTL and GASAL QSC in a bid to tractor clean electrical energy, produced from steam, through the Corporation’s network. The project is expected to reduce 100,000 tonnes of carbon emission a year.
Meanwhile, Kahramaa’s awareness park continued to play a vital role in spreading awareness about fair energy consumption. The park, in 2019, welcomed 60,000 visitors who attended various programmes. Educational institutions, sports clubs and ministries actively participated in the activities of the park. "Ask Tarsheed" programme was also launched in 2019 in an attempt to conserve electricity and water resources, diversify energy sources and to reduce carbon emissions.
In recognition to its financial stability, Kahramaa also won Moody's Investors Service (‘Moody's’) A1rating and a Baa1 Baseline Credit Assessment in 2019.