The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Friday that it was surprised from the remarks made by the Arab-League secretary-general in which he rejected only non-Arab military intervention in Libya.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed in a statement that the remarks violate the decision made by member states following the emergency meeting of the Arab League that took place on December 31, which rejected foreign intervention in general.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the remarks also failed to mention the intervention of some Arab countries, who backed armed militias in Libya, who undermined the United Nations' efforts of establishing peace and holding a comprehensive Libyan dialogue.
The statement also added that the selective nature of the remarks published on the Arab League's website were surprising as they do not indicate the Arab consensus that the League should reflect. The statement also highlighted that the Arab League remained silent for long months when Arab parties were backing armed militias in their attack on Tripoli that terrorised the Libyan people while trying to assume power from the internationally-recognised government.
Qatar called on the general secretariat of the Arab League Council to be more accurate when articulating the position of all member countries, and renewed its support to the legitimate government in Libya. It also called on all parties involved to stop supporting mercenaries and armed terrorist militias.