An Asian expatriate man has been sentenced to pay blood money of QR260,000, 10 years in jail and subsequent deportation for being convicted of the death of another expatriate. Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that another accused was acquitted by the court for lack of solid evidence. The issue started with a verbal dispute between the victim and the convict in front of a grocery. Later, when the victim went to his room, the convict and another person followed and attacked him with a stick causing several fractures on his skull, eventually causing his death.

Man sentenced for robbery and assault
A Doha Criminal Court has sentenced an expatriate labourer to five years in jail and subsequent deportation for stabbing and robbing a man in the Industrial Area. Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the convict stole QR1,000 from the victim after threatening him with a knife. The victim tried to defend himself but the convict stabbed him in the stomach and fled. The victim reported the issue to the police who was able to identify the convict. The court found him guilty and issued the sentence.

Motorist sentenced to three months for reckless driving
A motorist has been sentenced in absentia to three months in jail and a fine of QR10,000 by a Doha criminal court for reckless driving and posing risks to other road users. Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the reckless driver was spotted at the Old Airport Street when he crashed into a vacant car parked on the roadside. The motorist did not stop to report the accident but fled the scene. Police later identified and held him responsible.
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