A large number of spectators on Thursday viewed the annular solar eclipse at Al Thurayya Dome Planetarium at Katara. Special arrangements were made to help them view the rare phenomenon.

According to a statement from Katara, more than 800 persons from different age groups and nationalities were present at the planetarium to view the eclipse.

Suleiman Hilal al-Busaidi, astronomer consultant at the planetarium, said appropriate devices were given to the spectators in order to help them view the eclipse from various perspectives with high scientific specifications. Special glasses were also available at the planetarium.

“The phenomenon of the annular eclipse appeared for the first time since 1901,” he said. The viewing started at around 5.30am at Katara and continued until 7.50am.

Al Thuraya Planetarium recently celebrated its first anniversary after recording 34,347 visitors and 288 shows in Arabic, English and Hindi. The planetarium was set up to educate the public about the universe and modern sciences, and teach the young generations about the astronomical components in an interactive way.

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