Ooredoo, the region’s leading enabler of digital business innovation, has rolled out new security features for its business broadband portfolio, in partnership with Secure64 Software Corporation, a leading provider of security as a service solution.
Ooredoo’s business broadband customers, especially small and medium-sized enterprises and small office customers can find enhanced levels of protection from malware, ransomware, and malicious software on their networks and devices.
The telecom company is rolling out Secure64’s security solutions across its business broadband at no extra cost to protect users from malware distribution sites. The service also neutralises devices that can become infected when not on the Ooredoo network, to avoid them from causing harm to the business and their network.
“In the face of increasingly complex cyber-threats, Ooredoo’s partnership with Secure64 provides our business broadband customers with new levels of simple and robust security features. Our customers can reduce the risk of data loss, protect their reputation, and provide simple protection of all devices without management overhead,” said Yousuf Abdulla al-Kubaisi, chief operating officer, Ooredoo Qatar.
Providing new levels of security further enhances Ooredoo business broadband as Qatar’s most innovative and secure business fibre product on the market.
Worldwide, Secure64’s DNS-based security solutions protect more than 1bn subscribers. Its SecureOS is a DNS-focused operating system that provides service providers with scalable and virtualised DNS performance and unmatched security.
“Qatar’s organisations need secure, reliable, and responsive broadband service. Ooredoo is among leading global service providers that are pioneering Secure64’s protective security services that can shield business customers from cyber-threats," said Steve Goodbarn, chief executive of Secure64.
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