VCUarts Qatar hosted an entertaining and educational booth as part of Qatar Foundation’s partner university participation in this year’s Darb Al Saai festivities.
The booth featured a pixel art project that both children and parents enjoyed in large numbers. The pixel art pieces were worked on cooperatively and when joined together on a larger board, eventually formed a beautiful supersized image of His Highness the Amir.
“It was important for VCUarts Qatar to be there in the community to celebrate Qatar, and to meet and have fun with kids, students and parents by participating in a creative activity and creating something amazing together,” said Amir Berbic, dean of VCUarts Qatar.
As always, the Darb Al Saai activities took place in an environment full of patriotism and pride under a slogan of this year's celebration ‘Al Maali Kaydah’, which means the path of excellence is arduous, taken from the poetry of the Founder of Qatar, Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed bin Thani.
The activities are aimed at achieving the vision of Qatar National Day, by promoting loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the Qatari national identity.
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