Zarif calls for united efforts to resolve global issues peacefully
December 16 2019 03:03 AM
Mohamed Javad Zarif
Mohamed Javad Zarif at Doha Forum. PICTURE: Noushad Thekkayil

By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter

Security, like climate change, has no borders and hence indivisible, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said while addressing a plenary session at Doha Forum 2019 yesterday. 
He noted that the current situation in the world requires all countries to work together to resolve issues peacefully, based on the factual knowledge of the situation and respect for the sovereignty and independence of individual states.
Further, globalisation cannot be the answer to world problems when one nation wants to thrive and prosper over the ruins and distress of others such as wars in the region and political crises that undermine the stability and well-being of the region. He said there is a need to enhance communication among different parties and create an “early-warning system” to evade potential conflicts.
“The disparities in power and natural and human resources as well as the similar issues faced by countries in our region have led to disastrous consequences,” he said.
Then, he explained that some countries have exploited such disparities and used them as a fertile ground to expand their military presence in the region and increase their arms sales to the opposing parties. This has also led to more disasters, he noted.
He further stressed the need to abandon the idea of exploiting differences and disparities in achieving certain regional agendas, because such attempts consequently lead to more insecurity.
Meanwhile, he rejected the notion of some wealthy countries that believe the abundance of wealth could buy everything such as sophisticated arms in abundance, or buying some foreign policies. He then wondered whether security and regional stability could be bought.
He further pointed out Iran, much like Qatar, believes in the need for a new, fundamental approach based on the actual knowledge of the particulars of the region in order to resolve pending issues and achieve regional security and co-operation under the United Nations (UN).
He said Iran has been proposing this to the UN since 1985.
Then, he talked about the recent proposal of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to launch the Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) to maintain mutual understanding between Iran and the GCC countries, which above all recognises the responsibility of each nation to ensure peace, stability and propensity as neighbours.

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