HIA expo spotlights human rights in Islamic culture
December 10 2019 11:24 PM
HIA expo
NHRC deputy chairman Dr Mohamed bin Saif al-Kuwari inaugurating the exhibition as other dignitaries look on.

A new version of the exhibition of Arabic Calligraphy on 'Human Rights in Islamic Culture' at Hamad International Airport (HIA) was opened Tuesday on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, which falls on December 10 each year.
The event was opened by National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) deputy chairman Dr Mohamed bin Saif al-Kuwari, in the presence of secretary general Maryam bint Abdullah al-Attiyah, assistant secretary general Sultan al-Jamali, a number of representatives from HIA, many diplomats, other dignitaries, and a large audience of travellers passing through HIA.
The celebration of the Human Rights Day this year comes under the motto, "Standing Up for Human rights,” an initiative by the United Nations to highlight the crucial role of youth in the collective and peaceful movements as a source of inspiration for a better future, and to empower youth and youth organisations to act as a catalyst for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and create a better world by promoting human rights, peace and equality.

NHRC deputy chairman Dr Mohamed bin Saif al-Kuwari and other dignitaries tour the exhibition

The new version of the exhibition will go on for 20 days and allow thousands of visitors to Qatar and passengers moving through HIA to see dozens of paintings that reflect the place of human rights in the Islamic religion.
The exhibition include works of Arabic calligraphy including the Holy Qur'an verses and sayings of Prophet Muhammad that have a direct relationship with the international conventions on human rights with their translation into the languages of the world, especially English, French and Spanish. The aim is to introduce the principles of the religion of Islam through art, and support the efforts of dialogue between religions, civilisations and cultures.
In a statement, Maryam bint Abdullah al-Attiyah said that the occasion recognises the achievements made by Qatar in the field of protection and promotion of human rights, and to emphasise the keenness of the National Human Rights Committee to keep on urging Qatar to continue the key reforms it is undertaking to promote and protect human rights.
Regarding the importance of the call to action set by the United Nations to celebrate this year's Human Rights Day, the official said: "Stand Up for Human rights" carries a very important message, calling on all countries of the world to pay due attention to the youth, and inspire them to promote a culture of human rights in all societies, before being embodied in legislation and laws.
She pointed out that NHRC attaches great importance to the youth and their role in defending human rights and international legislation.
Al-Attiyah noted that the new version of the Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition in Islam is considered a new landmark in a long path for this exhibition, which attracted a large audience in several cities and capitals, including New York (at the United Nations headquarters), Geneva, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Greece, Kuwait and Tunisia, as well as Hamad Bin Khalifa University in Qatar, Katara Cultural Village, and Fire Station Artist in Residence.

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