Folk songs, traditional attire bring Sindhi culture alive in Qatar
December 10 2019 10:33 PM
GROUP: Organisers and members of the Sindhi community pose for a group photo.
GROUP: Organisers and members of the Sindhi community pose for a group photo.

Sindhi society in Pakistan is dominated by great Sufis and the mystics. It has always been the land of peace, love, romance, and great cultural and artistic values.
Natives of Sindh province in Pakistan have been residing and working in Qatar in large numbers for many years. The community is distinct for its traditional and colourful attire and folk songs.
The Sindhi community under the umbrella of Qatari Sindhis (QSindhis), a group that works for welfare of the expatriates and organises their cultural programmes, continues to enjoy their social gatherings and meet-ups with other expatriate community groups from Pakistan.
The QSindhis recently organised their annual event ‘Sindhi Cultural Programme’ that coincides with the yearly Sindhi festivities in Pakistan in first week of December. Families, children, and other members of the QSindhis joined prominent representatives of the expatriate Pakistani community in celebration of their poetic culture and melodies music at Salt n Pepper Hotel.
The pick of the cultural activity was a comedy act presented by Ali Gul Malah and Sohrab Soomroo, two well-known Sindhi comedians from Pakistan. The celebrated comedians mimicked different politicians and actors of Pakistan and made satirical and funny comments on eh political and social issues of the country. Their amusing comedy was well received by the expatriates who were clad in traditional Sindhi cap and ajrak (shawl). Two Qatar-based singers Shoaib Baloch and Jamshaid Bajwa presented different songs to enthral the gathering.
The other part of the annual event was cultural performances by Sindhi children, who in their colourful traditional dresses, presented folk songs and Sufi poetry and earned thorough appreciation from the gathering.
The organisers took the opportunity to bid farewell to Mushtaq Shaikh, one of the founding members of QSindhis. Mushtaq is an electronics engineer by profession and has been working with Qatar Airways for many years. He will be leaving the country soon. QSindhis honoured Mushtaq Shaikh by presenting him with a memento and some gifts.
Sarwar Shar, Head of Chancery at the Embassy of Pakistan, was the chief guest on the occasion. Asif Memon and Zeeshan Memon, co-founders of QSindhis, presided over the event. The event was also attended by QSindhis’ other core committee members namely, Junaid Mahar, Maqsood Mangi, Atif Dogar, Mohammed Shaikh, Iftikhar Jatoi, Jam Sarfaraz, Riaz Shaikh, Umesh Kumar, Adnan Soomro, Talib Bozdar, Tarique Mangrio and Ghulam Mujtaba Baloch. The other notable guests included: Riyaz Bakali, CEO TNG School; Qahar Faqeer, community welfare worker;  Faisal al-Hudawi, community reach-out office and co-ordinator at Ministry of Interior; Janan Bangash, Furqan Paracha, Arif Raeesani, Vasu Mulchandani, Ramesh Bulchandani, and Rana Anwar, all noted and active members of the Pakistani community.
Speaking to the gathering, Sarwar Shar said: “It was a great honour to say goodbye to one of the stalwarts of our expatriate community. He will be remembered for a long time for his selfless commitment towards the community service. Mushtaq Shaikh’s contributions deserve due recognition and appreciation. He has been role model for many Pakistani expatriate workers.”
Zeeshan Memon highlighted his long association with Mushtaq Shaikh and said: “We have known each other for a very long time and we have shared common ethos in several areas. Hailing from the same work place in Qatar, we have had a great association in Qatar and it has contributed in delivering several social and charity programmes, extending assistance to a number of needy people here in Qatar and back home in Pakistan”
Talking to Community, Asif Memon recognised altruistic and selfless spirit of Mushtaq for the community service. He said: “He along with other Sindhi expatriates formed QSindhis in November 2014. Our aim is to stay connected with our culture while living in Qatar and promote the peaceful nature of our people here. We as the community group have been carrying our yearly cultural programmes and providing regular guidance and assistance to Sindhi people here and back in Pakistan. We have received all kind of support from our embassy in Qatar.
“The QSindhis since its formation has been taking part in different national events of Qatar and Pakistan. Our members have been going to different events organised by Qatari authorities with our traditional dresses. We have also been representing our province at different Pakistani evens of national significance in Qatar.” 

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