A new care dimension is taking shape in Lusail, Doha, through Nutree Holistic Center, which has been designed to accompany clients in wellness treatments and to promote well-being as a way of life.
It acts as the bridge for a balanced, healthy life while delivering daily support throughout a holistic and non-invasive interdisciplinary approach.
“Our mission is to improve the quality of life by restoring your health and boosting your immunity so that your body fights diseases and adopts the natural healing process,” Dr Nejoud Omar, CEO of Nutree, told Gulf Times.
“You will discover that Nutree approaches nutrition differently by following a strict process starting with an assessment phase using state-of-the-art technology, the Quantum Wellness,” she noted. “Quantum Wellness assesses personalised healthcare through sophisticated sensing technologies. The system recognises and measures personal health information, and provides insights and recommendations.”
The system is the “first of its kind” not only in Doha but also in the GCC.
The second step covers food intake where the patient can enjoy choices among having a healthy meal at the Nutree cafe, or learning how to prepare his/her own meals and, last but not the least, purchasing adequate food ingredients at the Nutree market.
“The focal point is to adopt lifestyle changes and we will accompany patients throughout the process. This what is Nutree all about,” Dr Nejoud said.
The process continues in physical exercises with the Unique Hydro gym therapy and the specialised kids’ gym. Infrared sauna is also there for detoxification.
Depending on the deficiencies, Nutree provides a “personalised diet and personalised targeted solution supplements”. The centre is run by a professional team, with each member having his own specialisation.
As Nutree promotes well-being as a way of life, there is no doubt that organic cosmetics should be on the menu, including makeup, toothpaste and shampoo, among others.
“Nutree is a drive towards changing the way of living and it can only be done together, for a better life,” Dr Nejoud concluded.

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