Qatar has reaffirmed its commitment to provide $8mn to the programmes of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for 2020.
This came in the statement delivered by HE the Permanent Representative of Qatar to the UN Office in Geneva, ambassador Ali Khalfan al-Mansouri, during the annual pledge conference for the UNHCR for 2020.
HE al-Mansouri noted the keenness of the Government of Qatar to encourage Qatari charitable foundations and humanitarian organisations to continue to consolidate the partnership with the UNHCR, and provide various forms of support necessary to contribute to the implementation of its noble humanitarian programmes and mission in assisting and protecting refugees and promoting their rights, and improving their standard of living, especially the level of education for the future for their children.
The ambassador called on the international community to find a just solution based on international law and relevant UN resolutions to the plight of the Palestinian refugees and put an end to their tragedy and suffering, which has lasted for more than six decades, due to Israel's inhuman and illegal policies and practices.
Based on the sense of moral and human responsibility, the spirit of international solidarity and burden-sharing to face the major challenges arising from the increasing and complexity of the refugee and internally displaced crisis in the world, Qatar reaffirms its commitment to provide unconditional $8mn to UNHCR's programmes for 2020, the ambassador stated.
He stressed that Qatar will continue to provide all necessary support to UNHCR's efforts to address all challenges and difficulties facing the implementation of its humanitarian programs and activities.
HE al-Mansouri expressed the appreciation of Qatar for the untiring efforts made by the UNHCR and the outstanding performance of its Commissioner Filippo Grandi in enhancing refugee protection and standing by them and ensuring their rights. He added that Qatar appreciates all the efforts made by workers and volunteers in this field.
He pointed out that the world today faces unprecedented levels of asylum and forced displacement, and the future of many refugees and displaced persons depends on the ability to provide basic protection and humanitarian assistance to them, as well as strengthening capabilities, early preparedness and providing financial and political support so that the UNHCR, and other humanitarian organisations active in the areas of planning programmes and activities.
At the end of the statement, HE al-Mansouri expressed Qatar's hope that the practical implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees and the results that will be issued by the First Global Refugee Forum will enhance international efforts to protect refugees and help them build their lives and futures as well as enhance responsibility-sharing and shoulder the burden of this situation.