What’s missing in miscommunication?
December 05 2019 01:21 AM
Reem Abdulrahman  Jassim al-Muftah
Reem Abdulrahman Jassim al-Muftah

By Reem Abdulrahman Jassim al-Muftah

Communication is one of the most important means of life, and being able to successfully communicate with others and yourself is one of the most important keys to living a happy and healthy life. First, let’s explore ourselves and try to understand the way we individually communicate. Once we realise what we do or do not say, we are then able to realise where the problem is. I learned this later in my life that we consistently and successfully need to communicate directly to others, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. The only way to be able to do so, is to really understand yourself. Look at the irony, you may be the reason for some of the miscommunication you may face, well…what do you think? Does it seem about right?
So ask yourself, do you freely say what’s on your mind? Do you ask all the questions you really want to ask? Do you explain things clearly or explicitly the way you see it in your mind? Communication needs to be honest and transparent. You have to tear down your walls and be able to communicate to others successfully with full comfort but of course, minding the standards of general etiquette. You have to find that comfort level within yourself to be able to directly communicate your thoughts into verbal statements that are clear and reflect your actual thoughts. Try not to overthink your thoughts and maybe even speak in a way that you feel the other person wants to hear or worse yet, refrain from asking a question that you are embarrassed of asking. The time you do not say what you really want to, or ask what you really are wondering, you are letting the potential of miscommunication increase. Simultaneously, you are allowing yourself to steer away from your actual and real thoughts, potentially increasing your initial internal discomfort and preventing yourself from even attempting to communicate again. Learn to find your own way of gaining that comfort level, where you are able to feel confident to verbalise your questions, wants and concerns.
We also seem to forget to sit with ourselves and dive deeper into our own thoughts…exploring, accepting or maybe even organising them. We are living in a fast-paced world and may neglect our critical alone time that has been proven by numerous studies to improve our overall health. Now think about it, having your alone time, especially when you are with your own thoughts, helps improve your internal communication. It seems only logical to now realise that understanding our thoughts is a key to communicating effectively. Once you learn to healthily ask yourself those uncomfortable questions you don’t want to face, you will be much stronger at asking those questions that you might shy away from asking at work, at home or during your other daily life activities. Once you fully comprehend more of your thoughts, it is easy to find out what information you are lacking or have the need for, or even pinpoint your own areas of improvement when it comes to communicating. If you don’t already, start to sit with yourself and learn to communicate with your own mind, thoughts and body. It’s easier said than done, but starting with a few seconds each day wont hurt.
Miscommunication happens all the time and it is bound to happen even if you are an effective communicator, the most important thing is that you strive to communicate transparently and are openly willing to receive communication for others. Remember, it is your right to speak, ask and want, but you have to be real with yourself before you can be real with the way you communicate. 

*The author is a wellness advocate and influencer @keys2balance.

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