Qatar Rehabilitation Institute of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has revealed that more than 28,000 visits have been registered for patients who visited the Institute for physiotherapy in 2019.

That represents half of the total number of patients who have received various healthcare services at the institute, which is considered the largest rehabilitation hospital in the region.

Meanwhile, Officials at Qatar Rehabilitation Institute are expecting 30,000 visits for physiotherapy by the end of December, that would be an increase of 15% compared to the year of 2018.

The physical therapy supervisor at Qatar Rehabilitation institute Modher Ahmed said that the increase in the number of physiotherapy patients is due to two factors, first is the increase in the number of patients attending various facilities of Hamad Medical Corporation for treatment, and second is the commitment of many patients to improve their physical mobility after it got low due to ageing or as a result of injuries or diseases.

In addition, patients who suffered from neurological and muscular problems caused by strokes or neurological diseases make up the majority of physiotherapy patients, while 30 percent of these patients are older people over 70 who suffer from disabilities, muscle or bone problems, including joint inflammation and pain, he also said in a statement on Tuesday.

Moreover, Qatar Rehabilitation Institute contains seven hydrotherapy pools, 11 physical exercise rooms and a sensory exercise room in addition to a unit of assistive devices where patients are trained to perform various physical functions necessary to practice daily life, modify and adapt their daily lifestyles at home.