HMC launches fall prevention clinic for the elderly
December 02 2019 09:15 PM
Dr Kawa Amin
Dr Kawa Amin


Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) has announced the launch of a specialized fall prevention clinic for the elderly at Al Rumaila Hospital

The weekly clinic operates within the outpatient clinics of Rumailah Hospital and receives about 24 patients per month who are over 65 years of age, as well as some cases under 65 years of age, where the patient is diagnosed with unbalance and falls during walking at home or elsewhere, medical treatment and physiotherapy are provided for each reviewer.

Consultant Geriatrician Geriatric and Long Term Care Department Hamad Medical Corporation, Dr Kawa Amin explained that the specialists in the clinic diagnose the causes of imbalance and fall and in some cases refer the patient to a cardiologist or neurologist consultant for further examination and diagnosis, where medical advice is provided about drugs that strengthen and improve the health of the patient's bones as well as provide guidance advice that avoid falling at home or when walking and other things.

The clinic receives patients referred from emergency departments, inpatient departments or primary health care physician, where a follow-up plan is implemented with the patient to improve walking performance and maintain balance in collaboration with a physiotherapist.

Dr Kawa Amin said that many elderly people suffer from the problem of 'recurrent falls' which may lead to osteoporosis to serious health complications of bone fractures and exposure to surgery and complications such as wounds and others, he pointed out that the most important reasons for the elderly to fall accidents are the unsafe environment and the deterioration of motor functions of the elderly, which leads to a sense of pain and reduces balance and movement, wearing inappropriate shoes, or the presence of deformities of the foot, and the wrong use of assistive devices.

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