Qatar Charity (QC), in collaboration with the government departments concerned and local communities, has successfully built a mosque in Allah Ditta Machi, a locality in Rajanpur district of Pakistan’s Punjab, with 150 households including more than 600 individuals.

The 2,695sqft mosque, which was a long-standing need of the community in Allah Ditta Machi, can accommodate up to 150 worshippers at a time.

"Due to the need for a place of worship, the construction of the mosque came in Allah Ditta Machi locality where people are mostly labourers and hardly fulfil their daily life needs, due to their limited economic resources," QC said in a statement.

According to the Imam Aman Ullah, who leads worshippers at the mosque, people of the locality consider it as a "gift from the heavens" for them, because it was tough for them to construct a place of worship for themselves due to their challenging economic conditions.

“Now, it is very easy and convenient for us to make ablution in a proper place, and offer our prayers in a clean place with peace. Along with offering our prayers, we can now teach our children with ease. We are grateful to the people of Qatar for this immense gift,” said a thankful Amanullah, the

imam of the mosque.

In Pakistan, Qatar Charity started its first humanitarian operation in 1992. Since then, it has been implementing various charitable, humanitarian and developmental projects across the country.