High-level security measures at Gulf Cup stadiums
November 28 2019 10:18 PM
Spectators pass through security gates inside a stadium
Spectators pass through security gates inside a stadium

The Security Committee of the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) has put in place high-level security measures at the Khalifa International Stadium and Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium where the 24th Gulf Cup is being held, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Thursday.

All the units of the Security Committee, according to a statement, are active in keeping the stadiums safe and this has come as an introductory experience for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The units concerned work in facilitating the entry and exit of the crowd, minimising the inconveniences at the entrance and exit gates of the stadiums.

More than 38,000 spectators attended the inaugural match at Khalifa International Stadium. The security personnel opened the gates to the public three hours before kickoff. E-gates were set up in order to check bags and detect any banned items. Female police officers were also deployed to facilitate smooth entry for women spectators.

Major Nawaf Mohamed al-Otaibi, commander of the Khalifa International Stadium, recalled that prior to the launch of the tournament, an integrated security plan was developed and it took into account all aspects of safety, and security for the public and for the sports facility.

Spectators undergo security checks before entering the stadium

"Risk assessment, crowd route identification and vehicle route identification were also undertaken to avoid traffic bottlenecks that can occur as a result of the large numbers of the public expected at such major sporting events. The plan to keep the crowd flow under control was also implemented,” he explained.

“An adequate number of security personnel are distributed at gates and entrances leading to the public galleries. A security plan for public transport, particularly transportation by metro is also drawn up in advance, in co-ordination between security bodies.

"All of the relevant parties including the SC, Qatar Rail and Championship Organising Committee have come together to establish a mechanism to move the masses from different regions of the country as quickly as possible, smoothly and easily.

"The security units safeguard the public to reach the nearest point from Khalifa International Stadium without any hardship and avoid any traffic jams. The public have been advised about the importance of arriving at the stadium sufficiently early before the start of matches.

“They can avoid congestion that may occur at the inspection gates and avoid traffic congestion on the roads leading to the playgrounds,” he said while stressing the importance of the public co-operating with the security personnel.

Captain Burhan Saleh al-Turki, head of the Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium at Al-Duhail Sports Club, stated that the security preparations for the tournament are complete inside the stadium and in the surrounding areas.

“All security units have been deployed in the area and they are supported by all major requirements and logistical support,” he explained.

The best security personnel have been chosen to secure the security tents for public access to the stadium. There are six security tents, including two public entry tents, and a tent for the VIP entrance as well as media. The service tent and VIP access tent are also available.

"All security check tents have modern luggage inspection systems and security gates for people's passage and they are manned by highly trained security personnel as per FIFA standards. The list of prohibited items include fireworks, glass bottles, baby carts, sharp machinery, pets and other hard objects that may cause damage.

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