Census 'a key step forward' towards realising QNV 2030
November 23 2019 12:09 AM
Planning and Statistics Authority

The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) has stressed that all the data collected during the general census of population, housing and establishments 2020 is for statistical purposes only.
In a statement, the PSA explained that the information and data will be published only as statistical tables whereas information pertaining to individuals will remain confidential according to law 2 of 2011 on Official Statistics.
The surveyors have started their field tours since November 11 with the aim of confirming the data available at the administrative records and to update and complete any missing information.
The PSA has urged all citizens and residents to fully co-operate with the surveyors during their visits to their houses and buildings to collect some basic information.
A report of the PSA stressed that the 2020 census is set to be a quantum leap in the progress of Qatar Census, as it will be mainly based on the administrative records of the various government entities and departments of the country, which are considered the source of information for such an exercise.
The objective of this census is to construct a comprehensive central data record of the population, housing, and buildings and linked to a system that can update such data instantly. This would eventually reduce the need for field surveys and save time, effort and cost, making Qatar a pioneer country in this field.
The PSA considers the 2020 census as a key step forward towards realising Qatar National Vision 2030, which requires clear, comprehensive and accurate statistics to guarantee the success of all strategic sectors.
The PSA pointed out that it has been 111 years since the first estimation of Qatar's population was made by the British traveller and historian John Gordon Lorimer in his book "The Gulf Guide". The first survey by sample of the population of Qatar was done in 1970, followed by another survey on the social and economic characteristics in October 1981. The first comprehensive census of families, houses and buildings was conducted in March 16, 1986, followed by more comprehensive census and statistics at various periods.
The 2020 census will be carried out with the help of around 400 highly qualified field surveyors and supervisors of field teams. The first phase will go on for a month and the second phase is scheduled for March next year. The preparation for the census took more than two years, according to the PSA statement.

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