Al Messila, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Doha, part of the Luxury portfolio of Marriott International, has introduced a “breakthrough culinary concept” to Qatar – Snoull, Doha’s first Nordic cuisine, curated by acclaimed Michelin-starred chef Theis Brydegaard.
Snoull, inspired by ‘friluftsliv’ – the Scandinavian philosophy of ‘reconnecting with nature’, has “already earned fulsome praise, raising the State’s global culinary and wellness credentials to immensely creative heights with its unique gastronomic offering based on authentic flavours”, a press statement notes.
The focus on epicurean excellence is evident at Snoull and the other seven culinary outlets at the resort overseen by noted Italian Michelin-starred executive chef Pino Lavarra and supported by a cadre of some of the world’s most renowned culinary names and Michelin-starred chefs.
Chef Lavarra brings his extensive expertise to the hotel’s innovative culinary portfolio named DNA – Dining Network at Al Messila — which is where people get together to explore a journey full of flavours and experiences and encompasses all eight of the hotel’s culinary venues.
“Our philosophy at Al Messila Resort & Spa, Doha is to deliver epicurean excellence while being authentic, and Snoull reflects our uncompromising commitment to this,” Patrizia Hofer, the resort’s general manager, said.
This is a first-of-a-kind restaurant for Doha in a one-of-a-kind destination which has a pervading aura of wellness and nature.
“Appropriately hidden in Al Messila’s lush green gardens, guests are finding Snoull to be an ideal gathering place for friends and family after indulging in our integrated wellness retreat.”
With its “open spaced interiors, rustic wood, natural stone, soft linens and exuberant musing”, guests are welcomed to a contemplative venue, which is alive with vibrant colours and yet has a truly calming atmosphere, ensuring a wellness journey for the soul”, the statement points out.
The menu bears all the hallmarks of Brydegaard with light, clean Nordic flavours and dishes crafted with many of the ingredients in their naturally nourishing raw and rich form.
Freshly pressed juices, foraged biodynamic produce and fresh, grilled fish provide dishes that “scream nourishment”. 
Brydegaard, an acknowledged devotee of smoked and grilled fare, has an overriding commitment to simple food, local produce and culinary craftsmanship, all facets which have earned him worldwide fame.
“I want guests to leave enthralled yet revitalised and aware of what clean eating can attain in respect to sensory experiences,” said Brydegaard. “Our selection of only the highest-quality ingredients allows natural tastes to shine through.”
Innovation flavours every bite from the dehydrated beet dusted with dried berry powder accompanied by an emulsion of smoked mussels to the Hay Smoked Local Yellowtail served with crisp gooseberries, and smooth ponzu dressing.
Chef Brydegaard has also created his own take on the traditional Qatari dish, Harrees.
His wholesome and creative version uses grainy oats, sweetbreads, firm and chunky chicken hearts, and pickled mushrooms.
“The result is that Snoull Harrees has a completely different feel to the original. Ours is distinctly contemporary whilst also being a tribute to tradition,” he said.