Alfardan Jewellery launches latest Baldi collection in Qatar
November 17 2019 09:57 PM
Chief executive officer Luca Baldi delivers a presentation in the presence of Italian ambassador Pas
Chief executive officer Luca Baldi delivers a presentation in the presence of Italian ambassador Pasquale Salzano, Alfardan Jewellery chief operating officer Antoine Berberi, UDC president & CEO Ibrahim Jassim al-Othman, and other VIPs and guests. PICTURES: Ram Chand.

Alfardan Jewellery introduced Baldi’s latest and exclusive limited collection during a posh launch ceremony held recently at the Baldi Home Jewels Showroom located inside The Pearl-Qatar.

The launch ceremony was highlighted by a speech and brand presentation by chief executive officer Luca Baldi in the presence of Italian ambassador Pasquale Salzano, Alfardan Jewellery chief operating officer Antoine Berberi, UDC president & CEO Ibrahim Jassim al-Othman, and other VIPs and guests.

Baldi said he is honoured to introduce the brand in Qatar, which is known for the love of art, elegance and luxury.

Speaking to Gulf Times on the sidelines of the event, Berberi said the company is proud to launch the Baldi brand under Alfardan Jewellery, especially the crystal and limited edition collection.

“Baldi’s presence here would make Qatar a destination for future projects of interior designers and architects, and we expect the brand to grow further in Qatar, alongside the development and economic growth of Qatar,” he said.

In a presentation, Luca Baldi said the brand has its roots in the 19th century to which the illustrious Consani and Ponziani families date back. Paolo Consani Baldi brought with him the legacy of the ancestor Vincenzo, the most famous and well-known exponent of the family and founder of the artistic atelier, the “father” of today’s company.

Decorative accessories are an elegant grouping of small, useful, and decorative items that also make perfect gifts. Each piece, with its skillful handcrafting uses fine traditional materials. These small accessories have all the opulence and style of the magnificent furnishings Baldi designs for villas and mansions.

The beautiful crystal jewel boxes or candy dishes, or extra-large perfume bottles are ideal for traditional gift-giving moments. With the common denominator of the distinctive Baldi atmosphere, they complement each other and the tables, chairs, consoles, candlesticks and lamps in the Baldi Class Collection.

The Baldi decorative accessories in Baroque and Rococo style excellently represent the historical vision of the brand in the world of classic-style furniture: opulence, elegance, decoration, and craftsmanship. All characteristics are inextricably linked to the artistic tradition of the brand, which wisely uses the Mosaico Russo (Russian Mosaic), the crystal and chiselled bronze to create furnishing accessories with a marked and distinct stylistic identity, following the 17th century French art, with Louis XV collections and the Renaissance tradition.

Baldi furniture are actual unique creations, worked and projected respecting the Baroque, Rococò, Luis XV, and Renaissance styles. Characterised by huge dimensions, majestic but refined, they are the protagonist of exclusive spaces, villas and palaces, whose interiors can be of classical inspiration, as well as contemporary or modern.

Baldi classic lighting furnishing accessories, mainly inspired by French imperial art, are elements that radiate the surrounding space even before the light is turned on. Characterised by the same elegance of all the home jewels proposals and by the same production techniques, the Baldi lighting elements range is composed by table lamps, large chandeliers, floor lamps, all decorative elements and furnishings with a great emotional impact: simple and regular lines or extremely sophisticated and elaborate lamps in their contrasts between bronze, crystal, and semiprecious stones.

In the last decade Baldi has embarked on new explorations of styles, more close to contemporary design but always with a deep link to the own production tradition. Crystal, with more slender and linear decorations, is the undiscussed protagonist, but also bronze and precious stones find wide space thanks to the creativity of the company staff and artists and designers, who today collaborate with the brand.

The shapes and colours of this fascinating collection composed of crystal and precious metal were designed by the creative team, who launched a challenge in the name of innovation. Indeed, chromatic contrasts and virtuous forms stand out strongly in the collection, whose name pays homage to the novel Narciso e Boccadoro (Narcissus and Goldmund) by Herman Hesse.

An Italian lifestyle project in which tradition is interpreted in an innovative and contemporary key the Boccadoro collection includes a wide range of home jewels: cups, vases, lamps, candelabras, and other decorative accessories, in four different combinations of pearly colours, respectively octane, amber, smoky, and purple.

With the Diamond collection, Baldi creates an absolutely modern line of decorative accessories, which embodies all the essence of a glamorous, fresh vision, but with a strong personality.

The minimalism of the primary forms, in vivid contrast with the complexity of grinding, gives rise to creative solutions, well suited to a contemporary or eco-chic home. It is therefore a multi-functional collection, which is placed indistinctly both in interiors with essential details and in classic, precious and sophisticated environments.

Ranging among all of the colours varieties of the crystal, the Diamond collection creates geometric games with kaleidoscopic transparencies, whose evocative strength undoubtedly recalls the image of the diamond, which has always been an expression of excellence and delicacy.

As the diamond shines with its own light, so do the countless prisms cut on extra-clear crystal, then treated with a double “flaming” of shaded colour, creating endless three-dimensional weaves.

Among these we find the softness of pink gold, the champagne colour, the acidity of yellow and violet, the fullness of emerald green and cyan blue, ending with the brilliance of the transparent, suitable for any environment.

The Joy collection has a magical touch of Italian creativity, which freely mixes trends and style. It was created to represent in a tangible way all the shades of happiness in three different lines: the freshness and shine of euphoria, the intimacy of pink and purple romance, and the attractiveness of green and yellow charming.

The purpose of the Joy collection is to give life to joyful emotions in a concrete way, through the fusion of precious materials and sparkling colour combinations. In fact, it presents crystals with a strong personality, rigorously handmade by Baldi artisans, who hide the same processes typical of the brand’s home jewels behind a light and sinuous design. The collection consists mostly of small decorative accessories, such as vases, cups, favours, boxes, but also appetisers and lamps. Refined and elegant gift items, perfect for any type of interior.

The Baldi masterpieces are the representation of all the expertise of the brand, matured in more than a century of art workmanship, sculpture and activities linked to the Florentine Renaissance tradition.

In the recent past, Baldi has in fact given life to monumental and iconic works, starting from clocks between 2m and 7m in height, to bathtubs made from unique blocks of rock crystal and coloured quartz, to pieces, in limited series, with even more precious stones like ruby-zoisite and aquamarine.

The Anniversary limited edition line is the result of Baldi’s desire to offer its customers a collection that is a tribute to the history of the brand. Sophisticated vases, cups, and lamps, made from the finest crystal with a unique and original cut, are combined with aquamarine and shattuckite, rare stones whose splendid shades range from deep blue to soft and delicate blue.

The collection is also embellished by a variant in malachite, the inevitable and iconic stone, whose value has grown vertically in recent years. Modern 3D technological models and digital know-how combine ancient artisan techniques to create rare and exclusive pieces of art.

The finishes of the bronzes alternate between pickled and 24-carat gold, balancing the chromatic balances, the chisel or enhances the forms, giving a three-dimensional appearance. The Anniversary limited edition is rightfully included among the museum pieces, both for the intrinsic value conferred by the materials themselves, and for the fact that only five numbers are available for each design.

The Bathtubs Baldi are without doubt one of the most exclusive creations in the world. They exalt the natural beauty, sometimes leaving raw the external part of the quartz, as if it was a great diamond. Bathtubs are the object of design that above all spread the brand name, positioning it among the most desirable and prestigious.

The bathtubs can host between two or three people, depending on the dimensions of the block found in nature – mainly coming from the Brazilian Amazonian forest. Their weight can reach 10 tonnes, their value up to one €1mn. Bojola intends nature as spontaneous driver, maintaining the form of the stone stolen from the earth, in contrast with the internal part, which is gentle and delicate.

Pure emotions multiply when the light reflects on the material’s facets, creating evocative colour games. The simplicity and candor of the natural stone meets up giving birth to a timeless elegance, almost dreamlike. Today, the quartzes used are the rock crystal, the green quartz, and the rose quartz, but the continuous scouting from the brand, always searching for various a rare materials, will lead to the presentation of new models and colours, timeless and in the story of design.

Baldi continues its mission to spread art in the world, also thanks to a project dedicated to museum collections. The grandeur of the ornamental vases and monumental clocks is certainly represented by the impressive dimensions, which range from 2m up to 7m, but above all from the fact that the same precious and artisanal production techniques are used on these stunning works.

The ‘capsule d ‘auteur’ or ‘author’s collections’ are the result of an intense process of artistic contamination by the brand. Baldi, who, over the centuries, has set himself the mission of spreading art in the world through his creations, presents himself to the public as a subject influenced by the art and creativity of external subjects, making all his knowledge of the secrets available of the Florentine Renaissance crafts.

Magnus Gjoen, through his ‘Tempus Fugit’ collection, approaches Baldi precious stones, such as Malachite, Rocca Crystal, Rubyzoisite, Aquamarine, but also Black Obsidian and precious marbles. Through his “Uzi”, “Granate” and “Scarabei”, Gjoen’s work draws a delicate line between humour and wonder, accompanied by unrivalled beauty.

Pavel Pietrof, whose art is characterised by a strongly classical style, creates immortal masterpieces over time. Elegant swans forged in bronze, 24K gold, adorn precious obelisks made with over a thousand carats of Aquamarine, but also Rock Crystal and Rubyzoisite cups, fantastic small monuments and vases. The undisputed star of this collection is the Cigno Cavaliere, a mysterious character who appears in the last chapter of the epic “Parzival”.

Duccio Maria Gambi, a contemporary Florentine artist, explores the materials, the quartz, the minerals, and the essence even before the final form that leads to the creative and productive process. Through the geometric and functional details, he blends opaque materials like unpolished Guatemala Green Marble with the most imposing blocks in Rock Crystal (almost a tonne weight), showing its most raw and fascinating face.

Luca Bojola has been steadily collaborating with the brand for the past two decades, accompanying him through the discovery of cooler and lighter classic styles, from the bathroom collections to monumental masterpieces. In his table “Butterflies” and in the “Throne of Shen”, the contrast between the softness of the design and the hardness of the Rock Crystal emerges, as emblem of his art made of contrasts and the overcoming of aesthetic boundaries.

Over the past two centuries, Baldi has impressed the whole world by creating breathtaking monumental masterpieces and surprising home jewels, inspired by the Florentine Renaissance led by the Medici family and French art of the 17th – 18th Centuries.

Just the fidelity to a tradition based on beauty and craftsmanship, gave the chance to start an official partnership with a company that enjoys a unique reputation all over the world: Steinway & Sons.

Baldi shares the passion for art and craftsmanship with the famous piano manufacturers, and today, the brands are presenting in their official catalogues two surprising collections: “Armonia Limited Edition” and “Special Edition Grand Pianos”. All the pianos’ names are designed to recall melodious and evocative sounds, such as “Acanto”, “Empire”, “Muse”, “Richelieu”, and “Sherazade” and customers are free to personalise it by choosing between different decorations and bronze finishes.

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