DLD, the science-creativity mix, a big draw
November 15 2019 09:51 PM
DLD participants engaged in a learning activity
Participants engaged in a learning activity

Doha Learning Days (DLD), the country’s first experiential learning festival, organised by World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in collaboration with more than 50 local partners and innovators in Education City on Wednesday has been drawing good crowds. Among the more than 80 sessions over the six days, DLD’s ‘Learning Lab’ presents science, technology and creativity through activities curated by local innovators. Brain Education Middle East’s lively and enlightening self-awareness event ‘HEROES to Save the World’ based on their character development and sustainable living education programme is proving popular. Each participant also got to discover what kind or archetype of hero they really are.
The idea of combining science with creativity drew eager participants to ibTECHar’s ‘Tinker with Science’, where they discovered new ways to use biology and chemistry to solve problems, and produce their own organic paint using food as a source of power. ‘Fusion, The Story of Sound: The Science of Vibration and the Art of Frequency’, an experimental workshop to test all senses, took the enthralled audience on an introductory journey to learn the science of sound, and ultimately neuroscience, to reveal how it is all connected. GoCode focused on building STEM skills at DLD with a series of short hi-tech workshops, ‘Python, Scratch and Beyond’, that put web design, basic engineering skills and coding in the spotlight.
Visitors to DLD should also not miss a stop at Torba Market, running alongside the various DLD activities. It’s a chance to discover vendors who are all eco-friendly with curated workshops focusing on sustainability. DLD is open to the public and runs until November 19. The activities and sessions are free-to-attend.

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