The Ministry of Public Health, in co-operation with Hamad Medical Corporation, Primary Health Care Corporation, Sidra Medicine and Qatar Diabetes Association, will observe Thursday the World Diabetes Day, which falls on November 14 every year.
Diabetes is one of the most prominent health challenges globally and locally as one of the most widespread noncommunicable diseases in the world.
Its prevalence rate in Qatar is 17% in the adults, more than double the global rate of 8%, which calls for effective steps to combat this disease at the preventive and curative level.
Within the framework of the efforts of the Ministry of Public Health and its partners to combat diabetes, a number of important achievements have been made through the Qatar National Diabetes Strategy 2016-2022, most notably the implementation of guidelines for prevention and treatment and the identification of guidelines and clinical pathways through the preparation and publication of six national clinical guidelines for diabetes care and preparation of a training plan for all health workers on diabetes benefiting about 20,000 healthcare professionals, including risk factors for cardiovascular disease within the national diabetes strategy, and initiating the preparation of a national research plan for diabetes.
An awareness campaign was also launched to educate the community about diabetes and its risk factors. The four-phase campaign aims to raise awareness about the need for early detection of diabetes and the importance of avoiding diabetes through healthy lifestyles, including nutrition, physical activity and awareness, conducting a questionnaire to assessing awareness of those living with diabetes patients, patients, health care providers and media, empowering patients to manage their health, conducting workshops for type 2 diabetes for self-education and training, and launching the diabetes website.
As part of the celebration of the World Diabetes Day, the Ministry of Public Health, Hamad Medical Corporation and the Primary Health Care Corporation will participate in the "Diabetes March" event organised by the Qatar Diabetes Association under the slogan "Family and Diabetes", at Oxygen Park in Education City. In the afternoon and until 5 pm, it will include free consultation to the public by diabetes counsellors, as well as distribution of educational materials to the public. The event aims to raise awareness about diabetes prevention for people at risk and promote a healthy lifestyle for people with diabetes. Page 23

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