The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued a caution against cyber fraud and advised Qatar residents to approach the Economic and Cyber Crimes Combating Department (E&CCCD) under the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

A tweet by the ministry asked residents to alert the authorities by a direct visit or through Metrash 2 if such suspected fraudulent activities are noted. “Don’t hesitate to contact on 2347444 or hotline 66815757, as well as by emailing to [email protected],” the tweet said.

“Cybercriminals try to fool you by impersonating the website of trusted establishments such as banking institutions by changing a certain letter or adding subdomains. Always verify the web address and avoid opening links from suspicious emails.”

Residents have been urged to be cautious of being victimised by phishing attacks that use emails or messaging services to trick or fool by tempting account users to take an action such as clicking on a link or opening an attachment that contains malicious files.

The E&CCCD, according to official figures, has secured 100% success in arresting all the suspects in credit card and ATM fraud cases since 2011. The department has exclusive campaigns in association with the Public Relations Department of the MoI in order to make the general public, financial institutions and banks aware of the acts committed by fraudsters.

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