Underscoring Qatar’s ongoing endeavours to stay neutral and diplomatic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) spokesperson Lolwa Rashid al-Khater Tuesday said the country is fighting for the elimination of the politics of axis.
“Qatar is waging war against the politics of polarisation and dissemination of disinformation,” al-Khater explained during a Fireside Chat at the ongoing Global Security Forum.
While asked about the unjust blockade, al-Khater, who lamented the adamance of some of the siege countries, made it clear that dialogue is still possible.

The MoFA spokesperson, while referring to Qatar’s strategic involvement in resolving the political crisis in various countries where unrest prevails, said Qatar stays as a trusted partner for several countries when it comes to brokering peace and restore political stability.
“Qatar is a mediator. And it discharges it's duty and does justice to the responsibilities that it’s entrusted while it comes to beating terrorism,” al-Khater said. “We have to look into the issue depending upon several factors,” she said while asked about the continuing unrest in Syria.
She reiterated that Qatar ensures equal rights to all and said indicators of gender quality are going up in the country.
While delivering her address on ‘Defining the Narrative in an Age of Disinformation’, al-Khater pointed her fingers to the decay of truth and said this happens due to cognitive biases, the rise of social media and other changes to the information environment and political and social polarisation.
“Dissemination of disinformation poses a threat as it results in crisis,” she said referring to the act of the blockading countries that continued building on the fabricated statements and ignored the fact that Qatar News Agency was hacked.
“Everyone with a smartphone can produce information. And this leads into the dissemination of disinformation,” she said.
Calling for efforts to beat disinformation, al-Khater urged politicians to speak the truth and journalists to show the responsibility to spread the truth.
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