Visitors to Jazirat Bin Ghannam, commonly known as Purple Island, in the Al Khor-Al Thakhira area north of Doha, are a happier lot these days.
Thanks to a wooden pedestrian bridge constructed recently, visitors can have direct access to the beaches of the island by foot without having to use boats, as was the case before.
The pedestrian bridge comes as part of the infrastructural development of the place, according to a recent report in local Arabic daily Arrayah.

The waters around the mangrove patches of Purple Island is an ideal destination for kayaking

An enchanting sunset as viewed from Purple Island

Natural rock formations and desert plants are among the attractions

Mangroves thrive around Purple Island

Visitors can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place and the mangroves located on both sides of the bridge until they reach the rock formations. Visitors have praised the simple design of the bridge, which they feel blends perfectly with the ambiance and further enhances the appeal of the place. It also allows visitors to see the marine life around it, while making it a great spot for photography enthusiasts.
According to information available online, the island owes its name to an ancient purple dye producing site. Besides the mangroves, other key attractions of the island include small animals and migratory birds, with the latter visiting the place during the winter months. The number of visitors to Purple Island is expected to increase as the temperature drops over the coming weeks.
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