In co-operation with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), the Social Development Centre (Nama) participated in the 14th edition of the International Show of Agriculture, Machinery and Fishing (SIAMAP 2019) in Tunisia from September 24-29, through its incubated projects. 
Through its participation in the exhibition, Qatar aimed to advance the level of agricultural production, livestock and fisheries in line with the national food security strategy as well as to open new trade prospects between national and international companies, Nama said in a statement.
Lulwa al-Nuaimi, head of the Business Incubators Programme at Nama, said due to the large number of international participants in the exhibition, it served as an important platform to introduce the world to Qatar and highlight its cultural features by introducing the history of the State and its achievements and future projects.
She noted that stemming from a sense of social responsibility and through the concerted efforts among various institutions working in Qatar, and in order to enable emerging enterprises from benefiting from the incubation services at Nama to access local, regional and global markets, the centre initiated a co-operation process between the State institutions concerned to achieve the development goals that provide for the development of microand small enterprises by integrating them into the market.
Al-Nuaimi said two projects specialising in Qatari cuisine were chosen to participate in the exhibition to introduce the world to Qatar’s heritage. She expressed happiness at participating in the international exhibition to introduce Qatari products through the different food projects incubated by Nama. She also lauded the co-operation with the MME and its efforts to represent Qatar at international forums, and thanked the ministry for inviting Nama to participate in the international event.
In conclusion, al-Nuaimi said the participation was aimed at enhancing the support provided to national entrepreneurs and highlighting the reality of productive enterprises in Qatar. It would further provide outlets for showcasing, selling and presenting the products of the incubated projects outside Qatar as well as promoting the spirit of citizenship by introducing Qatar, its heritage and culture - thus bolstering social partnerships between entities and individuals to strengthen the ecosystem of this sector in the country and to support the efforts of both parties to achieve the desired development goals.