MME to strictly implement law on workers' accommodation in family residential areas
September 29 2019 11:00 PM


The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has called on landlords of residential properties to strictly follow Law No.(22) of 2019, which prohibits workers’ camps within family residential areas in Qatar.

In an announcement published in Sunday's Gulf Times, the ministry said any person who violates the provisions of this law shall be imprisoned for not more than six months and be fined between QR10,000 and QR50,000 (or any penalty thereof maybe applied).

“In the event of a repeated offence, the minimum and maximum fine shall be doubled. In all cases, the court shall rule that the property shall be vacated,” MME noted.

His Highness the Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani issued Law No (22) of 2019 on September 16, 2019, amending some provisions of Law No.(15) of 2010.

This law aims to “eliminate the phenomenon of housing workers within the family residential areas.”

According to MME, “the law authorises the competent municipality’s director to address the competent authority of the state to cut the electricity and water to the illegally established workers accommodation, after proving the violation and taking the necessary legal actions in this regard.”

The law, MME added, also “authorises the competent municipality director to address the security authorities for forced execution of the evacuation decision, if required.”

MME “calls on landlords of residential properties, which violate the law, to immediately evacuate them.”

“The municipalities will make regular inspection campaigns to control such offences and to take the necessary actions in this regard,” MME said, adding that the law will be implemented after its publication in the gazette.

MME also announced any person who violates Law No 8 of 2014, amending some provisions of Law No 4 of 1985 on Organisation of Buildings, shall be penalised.

“Division of residential properties, in any way, is deemed as legal offense, in accordance with the provisions of Law No 8 of 2014,” MME stressed.

MME said necessary permits from authorities must be obtained first before any building construction, including institution of works, extension, heightening, support, demolition or building maintenance, a change in landmarks of property through excavations, filling or leveling.

The Law also prohibits any work such as connection of services to or painting of buildings without the needed permit from the competent municipality.

Penalty ranges between QR250 and QR500 per each illegal square metre, and between QR200 and QR400 per each illegal square metre while each contractor who violates the said provisions shall face a fine between QR10,000 and QR100,000.

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