Al Sheehaniya Municipality's municipal control department, in co-operation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the security authorities concerned, detected a violating foodstuff store on a farm.

Large quantities of foodstuff were found at the spot and the workers were also manipulating the expiry dates of such items, replacing them with new valid ones, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) said in a statement.

Accordingly, a violation report was issued and the foodstuff was seized along with the equipment and chemicals used in the date manipulation process.

These were handed over to the security department concerned to initiate the necessary legal procedures.

Jabir Hassan al-Jabir, director of Al Sheehaniya Municipality, said the action was part of a campaign targeting violating farms within the jurisdiction of the municipality.

This, in turn, comes within a comprehensive campaign carried out by the MME in co-operation with the entities concerned.

He added that all the targeted violations were removed from 16 farms out of a total of 20 farms, adding that and the campaign is continuing.

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