Ministry to issue daily bulletin for fish prices
September 08 2019 11:54 PM
A view of  one of the fish stalls at Doha Central Market. File picture: December 30, 2016
A view of one of the fish stalls at Doha Central Market. File picture: December 30, 2016

* Initiative is aimed at preventing unjustified increases in fish and seafood prices
* Mandatory bulletin sets the maximum prices of fish and seafood
* Ministry seeks to ensure consumers’ right to purchase fish and seafood at appropriate prices

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has announced the launch of an initiative that sets the maximum prices of fish and seafood and regulates their sale based on a mandatory bulletin.
In a statement Sunday, the ministry said the initiative is aimed at preventing unjustified price increases, cracking down on monopolistic practices and ensuring consumers’ right to purchase goods at reasonable prices.
The prices will be published daily following an auction that will take place under the supervision of the MoCI. The daily fish and seafood price bulletin will be released from Tuesday morning.
The initiative comes within the framework of the ministry's role in overseeing and regulating markets in line with its jurisdiction and taking the necessary measures to protect consumers, combat commercial fraud, promote competition and prevent monopolistic practices, the statement notes.
Through the initiative, the MoCI said it aims to maintain a balance in the relationship between consumers and suppliers or merchants in order to protect the commercial and economic environment.
"The ministry will issue the daily bulletin that sets the maximum sale prices of fish and seafood. The prices outlined in the bulletin issued on the last business day will apply to official holidays," the statement points out.
The initiative requires retailers to place a label in a prominent place indicating the type and selling price of each type of fish and seafood.
Retailers shall not charge prices higher than those set in the daily price bulletin and shall only sell healthy and consumable fish.
Traders shall also refrain from taking any measures or actions aimed at raising the prices of fish under any pretext while committing to providing any additional service in line with the prices outlined in the mandatory bulletin.
The initiative emphasises the importance of abiding by the maximum prices outlined in the daily bulletin, displaying the bulletin in a prominent and clear place and providing the buyer with a detailed invoice. It also compels merchants to comply with the storage conditions of fish and seafood in accordance with applicable health and safety standards.
The MoCI has provided a set of tips and guidance, advising consumers to tour the market for sufficient time to purchase the appropriate goods at the right price. It has also urged consumers to examine the quality of fish and seafood on sale, as well as to refrain from buying fish at prices higher than those set in the daily price bulletin.
Further, the consumer must request an invoice from the seller and refrain from buying fish and seafood from unauthorised street vendors.
The ministry has stressed that it will intensify its inspection campaigns to ensure suppliers’ compliance with their obligations and the daily price bulletin that sets the maximum price of fish and seafood
The MoCI, which urges all customers to report any violations, processes complaints, inquiries and suggestions through the call centre: 16001; email: [email protected]; Twitter: @MOCI_Qatar; Instagram: MOCI_Qatar; and the ministry's mobile app for Android and iOS:

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