Apart from luggage and other travel accessories, television (TV) sets are among the sought after items during the holiday seasons, especially Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, it is learnt.

The Eid breaks witnessed a surge in footfall in several hypermarkets and appliance shops across Qatar, with many customers looking for new TV sets.

“We receive hundreds of residents who buy smart TVs before or during the holidays and this has become a sort of a tradition every year,” a long-time merchandiser of a popular TV brand told 'Gulf Times'. He said preferred TV sizes of buyers, particularly expatriates travelling to their home countries, range from 45 to 65-inch full HD LED TVs regardless of brands and prices.

A merchandiser of another brand echoed similar views saying they anticipate such surge in demand not only during the Eid breaks but also in December. “Of all the home appliances, smart TVs are the most appealing since owners get to enjoy them at home with other members of their families and friends,” he said.

“You can have more than one TV set depending on the number of rooms and sections of your house but you won’t buy three washing machines,” he noted. “Also, for other nationalities, a good TV set serves as a status symbol.”

In addition, he pointed out that special promotions during this period help entice many people to get new TV sets for their own use or as a gift to their relatives back home. Allan T, a Filipino expatriate who usually travels to Manila in December for the holidays, noted that TV sets in Qatar cost less compared to the prices back home.

Previously, he added that customs authorities in the Philippines only allow Filipino expatriates to carry a maximum of 42-inch TV set into the country. “Now, we can bring up to 65-inch and I am really thankful for that because I and my kids love to watch movies on a large screen,” he stressed.

Besides Filipinos, a salesperson at another major hypermarket chain in Doha said Indians and Arabs, as well as other nationalities, have also become their regular customers for TV sets. He added that a number of companies such as security agencies, which normally buy in bulk, also buy TV sets during the holiday seasons.

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