QCDC opens registration for career advisor course
August 28 2019 10:35 PM
CATC will bring together career advisors, academic counselors, HR personnel, mentors, and professors
CATC will bring together career advisors, academic counselors, HR personnel, mentors, and professors, as well as parents.

Qatar Career Development Centre (QCDC), a member of Qatar Foundation, has opened registration for the next edition of its Career Advisor Training Course (CATC), which aims to equip participants with the skills and tools to provide career guidance to young people. Launched by QCDC in 2015, CATC is the first customised training programme for career advisors in Qatar and the Gulf region. It is offered in collaboration with Kuder Inc, a world leader in career planning services.
The course will be delivered in both Arabic and in English during separate sessions held at Education City. The Arabic edition will run from September 8 to 12, between 8am and 2pm, while the English edition will run from November 10 to 14 from 8am to 2pm. “Participants in this edition of CATC will represent the eighth and ninth batches of graduates, and will join more than 110 participants who have already acquired the knowledge and skills that this programme exclusively offers; skills that cannot be acquired elsewhere in Qatar or the region,” QCDC director Abdulla al-Mansoori said in a press statement. 
The course will bring together career advisors, academic counselors, HR personnel, mentors, and professors, as well as parents. Participants will acquire skills that will equip them to serve as potential career advisors, and will gain insight into their own career development and those of the young people they advise.
A number of different topics will be covered throughout the programme, including Helping Skills, Career Development and Choice Theory, Assessment and Career Planning, The Role of Information in Career Planning, Ethical Guidelines, Working with Groups, Using Technology, Employability Skills, and Programme Planning and Implementation.
Applicants will also learn how to guide and follow up with students or clients using a career planning system, and will also gain knowledge of technology-based applications that benefit career development. Participants will be given the opportunity to use the new Career Advising System (CAS), a career planning system developed by QCDC, designed to assist students in planning their academic future. 
QCDC rolled out CAS across public secondary schools in Qatar during the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year, within the framework of a memorandum of understanding between QCDC and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education. As part of the new CAS, participants will be able to employ diverse and innovative psychometric and personality assessment tools to explore their personal skills and potential career tracks.
Lecturers include Khalifa al-Yafei, a certified career counsellor with extensive experience in the field of higher education, who was recently appointed both Director of Academic Affairs and Lecturer at Northumbria University in Qatar. The course will be moderated by Anita Abraham, a professional development specialist of Science at the National Centre for Educational Development (NCED), College of Education, Qatar University (QU-CEDU). 
Abraham, who has more than 25 years of experience in the field of education, will be joined by Susanna Mascarenhas, a professional development specialist at NCED, QU-CEDU, who has seen first-hand the role of education in the growth of Qatar over the past 28 years.

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