A number of camel owners from across Qatar have suggested that a camel farm complex be set up to boost investment in productive camels. Such a facility can be established somewhere in the western parts of the country, they feel.
Local Arabic daily Arrayah recently spoke to a number of camel owners who stressed that the suggested complex should provide comprehensive services and facilities such as adequate supply of sweet water, open spaces for camels to graze, a slaughterhouse, outlets to sell camel meat and dairy products and services for the staff. It should also offer facilities such as veterinarian clinics, a drug store and fodder storehouses. 
The facility should also provide camels with ample space to walk instead of the relatively limited space available in the existing smaller farms, where camels have to stand in small areas round the clock, they told the daily. Such limited spaces also lead to problems such as concentration of odours and the spread of germs and worms, besides adversely affecting the breeding process. 
The camel owners said the country has a large number of camels and there is a pressing need to create a comprehensive complex in order to invest in them and make them more productive.
One of them, Mubarak al-Dosari, said the country has provided owners with various key facilities and also given them a considerable amount of subsidised fodder in addition to free veterinarian services. In this context, creation of a comprehensive complex would further enhance camel productivity, according to him. 
Besides, each camel can be given an identification number to follow up on its development. Also, camels will enjoy better health and not suffer from diseases that they may contract while living in a limited space.
Misfar Safran al-Marri, another owner, said the new complex could include a track measuring at least 5km as camels need to walk around 10km a day to stay healthy and in good shape. This would also help the females while delivering their offspring, he added, explaining that he lost 72 newborn camels this year due to the limited space available for his camels.
Mohamed Zafir al-Hajiri, a member of the Central Municipal Council, suggested that a camel milk processing factory could be set up near the suggested camel complex to make proper use of the increased production levels.
Marzouq al-Ahbabi stressed the country's efforts to support livestock owners and encourage them to improve their production. At the same time, he said there is a need to introduce camel tracks where the animals could move freely over long distances in order to be healthy and productive.
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