Turning al Wakrah beach family-only unnecessary, feel senior citizens
August 16 2019 09:55 PM
Senior citizens relaxing at one end of Al Wakrah Beach
Senior citizens relaxing at one end of Al Wakrah Beach. PICTURE: Ram Chand


A number of retired Qatari men have voiced their dissatisfaction at the decision of Al Wakrah Municipality to allocate the entire beach area in the locality to families during the Eid holidays.
Speaking to local Arabic daily Arrayah, they pointed out that there is already a beach dedicated to families at Al Wakrah all year round, while there is another beach open for all and the decision of the municipality at that time was not adequate as it had ignored their needs for no valid necessity. 
Mohamed Abdallah said: "We are used to go Al Wakrah beach every Tuesday with friends, all of them retired, to enjoy nature and practice some water sports but sealing all the beach area for families during the Eid holidays have spoiled our fun and the decision need to be reviewed."
Hassan al-Hajiri said that such decisions should be based on careful studies and should not ignore the needs of any category of the society, especially at a time like the Eid holidays, where senior men also get together and enjoy some free and quiet time away from the daily routine of family gatherings and shopping complexes.
Abdallah al-Qadi said that the decision was an unpleasant surprise for him and his friends but the security guards were co-operative and allowed them to sit towards an end of the beach considering their seniority. 
Mohamed Salem al-Hajiri saw the decision as unnecessary and improper to be taken in the first place as it deprived a category of people from their usual pastime.

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