Tech expert lays stress on need for mentoring young entrepreneurs
August 08 2019 01:40 AM
DRIVEN: Hassan Syed, founder of Bir Ventures, left, during his presentation and friendly conversation with the Pakistani community members.

By Mudassir Raja

This is the time for young people to study and work to create jobs and not only seek jobs. To encourage the young university graduates around the world, the successful people need to mentor and support the people who aim build startups.
This was the crux of a presentation given by Hassan Syed, a US-based Pakistani idea sharer and IT expert, to a select gathering of Qatar-based Pakistani business community recently.
Hassan, the founder of Bir Ventures, developing innovative products from concept to launch, during his presentation and friendly conversation with the community shared his experience and plans about what his company is going to do. 
Pakistan Professionals Forum, a community group, invited the idea sharer who was recently in Pakistan where his company is collaborating with the government in its ‘Kamyab Jawan’ (successful youth) Programme.
During his presentation, the knowledge-based businesses expert elaborated on how his company is going to support the fresh university graduates in Pakistan in starting their own business. 
He said that his company will support the youth in developing the business model, arranging finances and having successful launch of business ideas.
Hassan who has been working on emerging technologies for last 20 years said: “Some 65 percent of Pakistan’s population is below 30 years. Their needs for the jobs are very high. The process of creating new jobs in Pakistan is very slow. More or less, all university graduates get a degree to have a job. 
We want to have a kind of cultural change. We want the young students to be job givers and not only job seekers. This is our fundamental aim. For this, we plan to provide basic entrepreneurship education to 1 million young graduates in Pakistan. Our model is based on one percent success ratio that means we will launch 10,000 startups for 1million young graduates.”
About his collaboration with the Pakistani government, he said: “It is going to be a collaboration on a larger scale. The government has committed Rs100 billion under its successful youth programme to finance the small enterprises. The government has also been working to have collaboration with other friendly countries – including Qatar – that are doing well in knowledge-based economy to create opportunities for the young people.
“My company has taken on board many universities. We have completed our training module.”
Talking to Community, Hassan said: “We offer the most advanced digital platform that can actually make it [starting a business] happen. 
Our ‘Ideal Gist’ platform is the largest platform in the world. Our users are based in 195 countries around the world.”
Hassan urged the professionals and successful businesspersons to help and mentor young people. “We need to share our success stories with the youth. The successful people need to tell the young people that how they started and how they struggle to go up the ladder of success. 
“The Overseas Pakistanis have a role to play in supporting the startups in their country. We have also started a programme ‘Empower Pakistan’. Under this programme we have started setting up 100 chapters of Overseas Pakistanis. We have established our first chapter in Qatar.
“The Pakistanis who have been working as professionals in other countries, they should share their experience with the university students. It will help the students polish their ideas. There is very big Pakistani community in Qatar and they can help the youth a lot.”
The expert sees the investment of Qatar in human capital remarkable. “This is my third visit to Qatar. The country has developed very fast. I have learnt that the government of Qatar has also been paying a lot of attention on the startups. This is very good thing here. Though, I am not in contact with any government depart in Qatar, I have gathered the impression that they have been reaching out their youth and helping them out in starting up new businesses.
“I see there is a huge potential in that both Qatar and Pakistan can collaborate with each other in helping their young educated population.” 

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