Qatar Chamber trained as many as 856 customs agents under its Customs Clearance course, which the Chamber has been conducting since 2015, it was announced on Wednesday.

Only recently, the Chamber concluded the 18th session for its Customs Clearance programme, which was held in Doha, in cooperation with General Authority of Customs (GAC). After completing the programme, the trainees received their certificates from the Chamber, qualifying them for the final test prepared by the GAC.

According to the Chamber, the programme aims to train customs clearance personnel and assist them in familiarising and obtaining knowledge on customs clearance regulations, laws, and procedures.

It also seeks to enhance the Customs Clearance profession, in addition to improving the performance of workers in this sector, and providing customs clearance services to the public and reducing the congestion on customs outlets.

The course, which lasted around 75 training hours distributed over 15 days, included training related to the work of customs agents, in addition to practical training, all modern laws related to customs, as well as customs procedures and exemptions, customs clearance, outstanding conditions of fees, and rules of origin and prevention.

The programme also focused on commercial and customs terms and international agreements, Intellectual Property Protection, Customs Law, and practical applications in the presence of a distinguished group of customs experts.

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