At least five people died and another 13 were reported missing after Typhoon Wipha slammed into Vietnam's northern coast, authorities reported Monday.
The worst hit province was Thanh Hoa, where three were killed and 12 reported missing, according to a statement by the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention.
Most of the missing were from Quan Son district, where an entire village was destroyed by fast-flowing water. One person was also reported dead in the mountainous province of Bac Kan and another in Dien Bien province.
 Typhoon Wipha made landfall at around 10 pm (1500 GMT) on Thursday in Quang Ninh province, home of the UNESCO World Heritage site Halong Bay, and the neighbouring city of Haiphong. It weakened into a tropical depression on Saturday, with rain continuously falling in the capital Hanoi on Sunday.
Around 800 soldiers from the army and national militia have been deployed to assist with disaster relief in the north-eastern provinces, where communities are expected to experience more dangerous flash floods and rockslides in the coming days. Up to 400 millimetres of rain was reported in northern Vietnam over the weekend, with another 100 millimetres expected on Monday.
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