Qatar National Library hosted an informal talk that highlighted “The Qatari Experience Abroad.” The Qatari professionals offered their personal accounts of the challenges they faced, including cultural differences and homesickness.

Dr Mohamed al-Hajri, assistant professor at the Community College of Qatar; Dr Khalid al-Shamari, assistant professor of public law at Qatar University; Dr Dhabia al-Mohannadi, assistant professor at Texas A&M University at Qatar; and Dana al-Meer, information services librarian at the library, each shared their stories and experiences living abroad.

The speakers also exchanged the “survival tips” they used to overcome these difficulties to achieve their personal goals while abroad.

Dr al-Hajri said, “Going abroad to study teaches students how to be culturally aware. Before embarking on this experience, it is very important for students to prepare by reading about the host country, its culture and its people. It is also a must for students to get to know their new university and what it has to offer in advance.”

“Preparation is an important factor to be sure of a fulfilling experience abroad. My advice to all students who are planning to go outside of Qatar to pursue their studies is to make use of the available resources at the library, such as online resources, books and these workshops, to prepare for a successful journey,” he added.

“Studying abroad prepares students to become more independent and hard-working,” said Dana al-Meer. “My experience pursuing studies in media and filmmaking outside Qatar was one of the most inspiring phases of my life. My advice to all students who want to study abroad is to follow their dreams and work hard to attain great achievements.”

Shweta Reddy, who attended the event, said, “I am planning on starting my graduate studies in the US in the near future. It was really useful to hear the experiences of these Qatari professionals, and this event will surely help me prepare for a rewarding life while studying abroad.”

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