Earlier this year the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) handed out disposable cameras to more than 50 people across Qatar. The brief for each participant was simple: take photos of what football means to you.
The project was organised in collaboration with Goal Click, which is active in more than 40 countries and aims to help people around the world understand each other through football.
The objective was to showcase Qatar’s football culture and its deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game, while shining a light on the country’s diversity, according to a report on the SC website yesterday. 
“We also wanted to give people around the world the chance to find out more about the next FIFA World Cup host nation,” an official said.
One of the participants was Inamul Hasan, who works as a catering supervisor and – in his spare time – volunteers as a coach with Qatar 2022 legacy programme Generation Amazing.
Hasan, who has lived in Qatar for three years, recently had one of his photos featured in the ‘Qatar @roadto2022 Exhibition’ in Sao Paulo.
“When I received the camera, I wanted to show the world how football inspires so many people in Qatar,” said Hasan. 
“I was especially keen to show the workers of Qatar and how excited they are to be involved in building the stadiums and other facilities for the World Cup.”
Hasan was immensely proud to have a photo featured in the exhibition, which ran during the Copa America tournament in Brazil.
“I was super proud – having my photo exhibited in Rio was one of the best moments of my life. I was really happy to represent Qatar and Generation Amazing in a country that is so passionate about football.”
Hasan’s favourite picture was taken at Khalifa International Stadium, showing residents of Qatar expressing their love and support for their host nation.
He took the other pictures at Asian City. 
There is a very imaginative frame which shows a football pitch being prepared. It shows, Bindo, from Nepal, preparing the football pitches for the Generation Amazing All Nations Tournament at Asia City. 
“It shows that people are happy to volunteer their time for football,” says Hasan.
One picture features workers from Nepal and Kenya watching the tournament. 
“As you can see, football means happiness,” Hassan observed.
Another picture shows a group of cheering supporters from the Shapoorji Pallonii company. 
“They didn’t get tired of cheering their team right until the end! They were so enthusiastic and full of fun.”
During the final between Petroserv and Teyseer, Hasan clicked a frame. 
“The Petro supporters are showing off their African dancing skills and cheering after the first goal of the game,” he recalled.
One of Hasan’s pictures shows a Generation Amazing coach supporting and encouraging participants from Naas Group. 
“At Generation Amazing we try to build new leaders and change lives through football,” he added.
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