Qatari Diar has achieved 13mn non-incident work hours in Lusail, adding this new achievement to the city's records.
This achievement is also part of the company's continuous interest in the development of security and safety systems, in addition to promoting the internal work environment and internal work systems in the construction of the sustainable city of Lusail.
Qatari Diar took into consideration the highest standards of safety and security in the work environment in the city of Lusail in the areas of occupational health, labour camp care, workplace care and environmental protection.
In the area of security and safety, in addition to the achievement of 13mn non-incident work hours, the company conducts monthly forums and meetings with a focus on preventive measures and processes on an ongoing basis.
The company conducts also awareness campaigns for labour, internal companies and service providers to ensure continuous implementation of the highest security and safety standards in all locations within the city.
In the area of occupational health, the city's heat stress management system has been adopted and developed since the end of 2015, contributing to the reduction of heat stress so far, in 2019, no single heat stress case was reported between contractors and developers in the Lusail project (only one case was in 2018). 
As for the development of workers' camps and housing, since 2016, Qatari Diar has developed labour-camp care standards that are mandatory for all workers in the Lusail Project.
These standards are based on the requirements of Qatar Labour Law, HSE requirements and other international standards.
With regard to the development of (work site facilities), it has been provided with first aid, medical facilities and site clinics for contractors, where an accredited medical staff is employed and regular medical emergency exercises are also conducted by contractors to improve response during emergencies.
The Director of Security and Safety at Qatari Diar Salem Rashid al-Kuwari, said that the company is committed to achieving the highest quality standards in the field of security, safety, quality of work environments and providing the best work environment for employment in Qatar, therefore, the company continuously monitors all service providers and companies operating in the city.
He pointed out that recording 13mn non-incident work hours and the development in camps, workers housing, occupational health and work sites within the city is a direct result of the administration's keenness to apply the highest standards in line with international human rights standards and standards in security and safety, and a result of ongoing efforts and cooperation between Qatari Diar, companies, service providers and contractors working in Lusail.