The ongoing fourth edition of Local Dates Festival at Souq Waqif by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Souq Waqif management continued to draw crowds and record good sales on Thursday as well, the third day of the popular event.

As per figures, released by the MME, the total sale crossed 21,000kg on Thursday.

While 10,752kg of dates were sold on the opening day, the second day saw 10,953kg being sold.

The festival, on the second day, witnessed an increase in number of visitors.

It recorded 2,900 visitors on the second day while number of visitors stood at 2,500 on the first day.

The total quantity of dates available at the event on the second day was 11,537kg including 5,724kg of Al-Khalas, 2,509kg of Al-Shishi, 1,936kg of Al-Khenaizi, 757kg of Al-Barhi and 611kg of other varieties.

A total of 11,210kg dates were made available for the sale at the festival on the first day.

The organisers this year expect a sale of more than 250 tonnes of dates during festival days.

Last year, the festival attracted about 54,000 visitors recorded sale of 205 tonnes of fresh dates worth QR1.7mn.

The festival is held as part of Qatar’s efforts to promote locally grown products and help local farmers get market for dates.

More than one dozen local varieties of dates are available at the event which features 85 farms across Qatar in addition to Hassad food company.

The festival was attended by 73 farmers in 2018.

The items which are on sale at the festival include offered for the sale are Al-Khalas, Al-Shishi, Al-Khenaizi, Al-Barhi, Al-Iraqi and Al-Silji, Al-Saqai, Nabt Saif, Al-Lulu and Al-Razizi.

The festival concludes on August 3.

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