The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) has provided several tips to overcome fatigue especially during the summer months.

PHCC highlights that it is important to overcome fatigue to maintain a healthy body and has suggested necessary tips to overcome it.

Dr Wadha Ahmed al-Baker, manager, Wellness Programmes, PHCC says, “Sugary breakfasts only provide energy initially, until your blood sugar levels reach its peak after which it quickly drops. In a sugary breakfast, patients lack protein which is the best source of energy in the morning.”

Dr al-Baker suggests having high fibre, low fat foods such as eggs, beans or berries. In addition, it is best to avoid energy drinks and coffee and rather stick with regular water as they not only give a small energy boost but also increase blood pressure and disturb sleep.

Poor posture is another factor causing fatigue. With bad posture, not only does it require more energy to stay upright, it also damages the alignment of your spine. While sitting and standing, it is necessary to ensure the head is in line with the body and not in a hunching position. Furthermore, stretching in between long periods of time awakens the body.

Physicians at PHCC advise against sitting for prolonged period of time because the body equates stillness with going to sleep and as a result causes tiredness. Moreover, research shows that excessive sitting slows the rate of metabolism, affecting the regulation of blood sugar and blood pressure. Stretching regularly and taking breaks after sitting for long periods of times will help prevent the daily exhaustion.

In addition to this, exercise also gives the body an energy boost. According to Dr al-Baker, regular exercise requires an increased consumption of oxygen. Over a period of time, exercise will allow aerobic capacity to increase, delivering more oxygen to the brain and body which therefore leads to more alertness and less fatigue. Dr al-Baker recommends everyone to spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some kind of physical activity .

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