Fines up to QR500 await law-breaking pedestrians
July 21 2019 11:34 PM
Lt Col Jaber Mohamed Odeiba. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam
Lt Col Jaber Mohamed Odeiba. PICTURE: Shaji Kayamkulam

The General Directorate of Traffic has said it will start registering violations against errant pedestrians and impose fines on them from August.

Penalties of QR100, QR200 and QR500 await pedestrians, who violate traffic regulations, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

This was announced during an educative seminar held at the General Directorate of Traffic headquarters on Sunday on the rights and responsibilities of pedestrians. The event was organised by the directorate, represented by the Traffic Awareness Department in co-operation with the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

The seminar was aimed at educating pedestrians on the safe use of roads, in line with the provisions of the Traffic Law pertaining to pedestrians, and as a step towards starting to record violations from next month against those who do not abide by the rules, the MoI said.

Col Nasser Darman al-Hajeri, assistant director-general of Traffic, and Lt Col Jaber Mohamed Odeiba, assistant director of the Traffic Awareness Department, attended the seminar. Other officers from the General Directorate of Traffic and representatives of different communities and companies were also present.

“There is a need to create a pedestrian traffic culture that conforms to the provisions of the Traffic Law. We have to ensure that pedestrians are using crosswalks or footbridges to cross the road, while motorists are respecting the rights of pedestrians and helping them cross the road safely even in the absence of a traffic signal and on internal roads,” said Lt Col Odeiba.

“The General Directorate of Traffic, in partnership with the Public Relations Department, will raise public awareness on the responsibilities of pedestrians and their rights under the Traffic Law. This is the main objective of the Ministry of Interior, before moving early next month to registering violations against their ID numbers in case of a violation,” he noted.

Pedestrians have been advised to cross the road only at designated areas, be alert and avoid engaging in other activities while crossing the roads. They have also been encouraged to use the nearest pedestrian crossing such as footbridges. They should cross junctions only when the pedestrian traffic light turns green.

Besides, they have been urged to make use of pavements while walking on roads.

Lt Zaid Ibrahim al-Marri from the technical office of the General Directorate of Traffic, talked about the legal aspects and violations related to pedestrians, noting that there are three types of penalties.

A fine of QR100 will be imposed in case pedestrians are walking along the middle of the carriageway, not using pavements (sidewalks) when these are available or not using the far edge of the carriageway opposite to the driving direction in the absence of pavements.

A penalty of QR200 awaits those pedestrians who do not take the required precautions or do not use designated areas to cross a road, according to the directorate.

Finally, a fine of QR500 will be imposed in case a pedestrian does not follow traffic signals while crossing the road at an intersection or when the Traffic Police allow vehicles to move. The same penalty will be also levied on pedestrians who break through military parades and processions.

Officials said special patrols would be initiated to check for violations by pedestrians. At the same time, cameras will be used to check if motorists are violating traffic rules pertaining to pedestrian safety.

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