Earlier this year, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) handed out disposable cameras to more than 50 people across Qatar. The brief for each participant was simple: "take photos of what football means to you".
The project was organised in collaboration with Goal Click, which is active in more than 40 countries and aims to help people around the world understand each other through football.
"Our objective was to showcase Qatar's football culture and its deep-rooted passion for the beautiful game, while shining a light on the country's diversity. We also wanted to give people around the world the chance to find out more about the next FIFA World Cup's host nation," the SC said in a report on its website, sc.qa
Hamad Mohamed, who works as a Master Coach with Generation Amazing, one of the SC's flagship legacy projects, was delighted to take part in the project.
"It's an excellent project but was a very big challenge because you have a limit – only 27 chances to take a photo," said Mohamed. "It means you need to think carefully and anticipate what's going to happen."
Mohamed continued: "What I love about this is that there's no editing – the photos are produced from just one click. Also, there's a story behind every photo, with each one showing how much people in Qatar love football."
Much to Mohamed's delight, one of his photographs was featured in the Qatar @roadto2022 Exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
"It was a big honour for me to see my picture in one of the big activations. Being from Qatar and seeing my work in Brazil, while Qatar was playing in the Copa America for the first time, made me very proud."
Mohamed has also discussed some of his favourite photographs (see captions).

This is at the end of the match. I like this photo because they are all holding hands. They are one team. At the end of game, you don't say an individual has won – you say the team won. Whatever happens on the pitch, you win as a team.