I always say “Intention over everything”. Intentions are such a powerful resource. I set intentions for my day, intentions before I step into a meeting, intentions before meeting with friends.
The act of setting an intention to be in your presence is enough to help realign you with yourself. Setting an intention can be as simple as stating to yourself (silently or out loud) that you’re ready to reconnect to your presence.
When you make a statement like this, you release the fear that blocks you from tuning into the presence of your power. This statement sends a message to the Universe that you’re willing to align your thoughts and energy with love. Whenever you notice yourself out of alignment, set the intention to come back to yourself.
Think about the intentions you set throughout your day. Are you intending to get things done quickly? To achieve and to accomplish? To avoid negative outcomes?  Or to just get through the day?
What would happen if instead you intended to feel really good? Before I speak at an event or meet with a coaching client, I make an intention to inspire the world, to make a difference and to share my messages with the world. It feels really wonderful.
Intentions are statements of authentic desires. They usually form your highest spiritual ideals. For instance, you have intentions to be wealthy, wise or peaceful. At the root, intentions form the motivational reason behind your specific goals.
The famous author Wayne Dyer says “Your intentions create your reality.” You are simply thinking about your desired outcome or end result. With intention setting, there is no SMART principle to follow. You are not planning the ‘how’. Intention setting can feel like making a wish or prayer but with strong intensity.
Intention setting makes you feel good because it comes from your heart. It has to be something that you truly desire.  The best part is that being intentional allows you to focus on how you want to be from moment to moment. You hold every belief that your intention is already manifesting for you.
Because there is no plan, you are allowing things to unfold. You have faith, and you let go of worry on the ‘how’. There is no stressing about each and every step towards your desired outcome.
Make setting intentions the starting point before goal setting. Most people only want to achieve to goals because of their desire for a positive experience. Hence, by starting with your intentions, you get right to the source of what you truly want.
Everyone wants to be successful. I believe winning is all about being prepared. Start tomorrow with an intention and just watch the day unfold accordingly.

* The author is a consultant and coach. Instagram handle: @miss_shefa,  Website: missshefa.com