* Users can now contest registered traffic violations as well as report traffic offences through the app

The General Directorate of Traffic, represented by the Licensing Department, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information Systems, has launched two new services for the public through the Metrash2 application. 
The first new service enables users to contest registered traffic violations, while the second new service can be availed of to report traffic violations using the 'Communicate with us' option available on the app, the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Monday.
In a statement, Lieutenant-Colonel Mohamed Rabia al-Kuwari from the violations section at the General Directorate of Traffic said the first feature allows the user to file an objection to a traffic violation within a period not exceeding 14 days from the date of registration of the offence. 

The 'Communicate with us' option available on the app

Objection to traffic violations can be registered through this section of Metrash2.

The person who raises the objection will receive a reply through a text message within a maximum of 30 days from the of registering the objection. 
Normal procedures will apply if the violation is found correct, the statement explains. On the other hand, the violation will be removed if it is found incorrect. 
The ministry said all types of traffic violations, whether they are recorded manually or through speed radars or surveillance cameras, can be contested using this service. A violation cannot be contested more than once. Also, if the fine is already paid, it cannot be contested any more.
“The second service accords the public the right to report traffic violations, whether on the road or anywhere else, by using Metrash2. The sender can capture a photograph of the violation and send it through Metrash2 after specifying the location. The traffic violations section will verify it and act accordingly,” Lieutenant-Colonel al-Kuwari noted.
Regarding the automated response system launched recently by the directorate on its public service number, 234 4444, First Lieutenant Eid Mohamed al-Hajri said the public can inquire about traffic violations, driving licences, vehicles and number plates, technical examination, services for persons with disabilities, traffic awareness, traffic patrols and traffic investigations through this number. 
It works 24/7 and calls are received in Arabic and English, he added.
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