‘The Colours of Desert’ exhibition to bring colours of Qatar alive at Katara
July 15 2019 11:18 PM
Old Women
Old Women by Omran al-Raesi.

By Mudassir Raja

If you are interested to see how people in Qatar view the country’s heritage, culture, development and futuristic vision, the best way is to see how Doha-based artists of different nationalities portray the peninsula through their artworks.
One such opportunity is available this coming weekend at Katara where as many as 51 artists will display 102 creative art pieces. The participating artists have tried to express their opinions about Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030 and its four pillars through different creative means.
The exhibition ‘The Colours of Desert – Series 6’ will have its opening at Gallery 1 and 2 in Building 19 of Katara on July 18. The exhibition will remain open till August 1 every day from 10am to 10pm.
An annual feature, the exhibition is organised by MAPS International, a Qatar-based art company, in co-operation with Katara — the Cultural Village Foundation.  The art work is said to be inspired and based by the QNV 2030.
The exhibition displays the art work of MAPS members from different countries based in Doha including Qatar, Kuwait, Russia, India, France, UK, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Korea, Pakistan, Morocco, Iran, South Africa, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago.
While talking to Community, Rashmi Agarwal, an Indian artist and president of MAPS International, said: “Exhibitions and galleries are important stepping stones for aspiring artists, and we at MAPS will always give our member-artists a chance to shine before they step into the real world as practicing artists and this is very evident at the exhibition of ‘The Colours of Desert – Series 6’.
“This is our sixth exhibition in the series. With this exhibition every year, we try to highlight the true colours of Qatar basing on different themes. The Colours of Desert is the exhibition that refers to the desert sand as it contains vibrant colours. The talented artists are exhibiting under one roof. They represent various nationalities that display different cultures in an innovative method. We present how different expatriate artists living in Qatar see the country and depict it through their art works.
“The theme of the 2019 exhibition is QNV 2030. The artists have tried to highlight four pillars of the vision – economic development, human development, social development and environmental development. The artists have used different techniques to highlight different features of the QNV in their own way. The artists have used oil colours, coffee powder, digital photography etc. The art works include surrealism, realism and abstract techniques.”
Rashmi further said: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but the inward significance. The collection is just a small fraction of what to expect from the members of the MAPS on their sixth annual group exhibition. MAPS is a Qatar based art gallery and 100% Qatari company that provides a significant forum for cultural dialog among all artistes from different cultures. MAPS helps the aspiring and budding artists through exhibitions, international festivals, gallery representation, magazine reviews and advertisements, press releases, Internet promotion as well as various cultural projects. It has members from different nationalities coming together to create art under one roof. Like the desert’s different colours, this exhibition witnesses’ various nationalities showing different cultures through their works.
“Earlier, we have done many group exhibitions for our member-artists. The most recent and the largest one was Qatar International Art Festival held in October last year. The festival was attended by as many as 147 artists from 58 countries.  the six-day-long art festival proved to be a success and we plan to hold the event again this year.”
The names of the participating artists are: Noof Ali, Murali CA, Richard Bentley, Shilpi Mathur, Fatima Essa, Jamela al-Ansari, Fouz Saif Taheri, Prem Chokli, Shuaa Ali, Grace Hye Chung, Moudhi al-Hajri, Noof al-Muriki, Omran al-Raesi, Kidist Brhane Gebregiorgis, Nagiya Moideen, Mala Waseem, Karen Alicia Sinclair, Sylvie Potapieff Gamby, Rabia Jadoon, Suman Agarwal, Kotteeswari Mahesh, Tessema Temtime Asrate, Shajee P Madhavan, Dana al-Safar, Boyet Marasigan, Sageer P. M. Salih, Sana Hassan Awan, Fouad al-Emadi, Hessa Kalla, Mohammed Muslim, Aldi Stassen, Evgeniya Goncharova, Maryam Almaadhadi, Essa al-Mulla, Dhiana Hijaz, Aisha AlMohanadi, Sreekumar Padmanabhan, Muna A Badr, Namsha Almarri, Abeer Rashid Alkuwari, Lyuba Jalladyan, Huda Basahel, Hanifa Abdulkader, Michael Conjusta, Bindu George, Nazish Hayyat Channa, Tatyana Bondareva, Rashmi Agarwal, Shehla Khalid Khan, and Naseema Shukoor. 

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