Face your fears and the rewards can be profound. You can discover the true depth of a relationship. Or what you’re capable of withstanding. Some stories open the door for something more. 
And then there are fairytale endings. And endings that turn you introspective about your own life and your place in the world. And then there’s the ending that you saw coming a mile away, and yet somehow still takes you by surprise. But don’t worry, where the story ends, there’s always a start of a brand new chapter. The problem is, the more you gain, the more you stand to lose. Are you ready to find out what you’re made of? Because to survive in this glossy world, that is all about heights, you better be fearless. You can choose to go on the offensive and come out swinging. Or you can pack your bags and admit defeat. Or you can drink yourself into oblivion and hope it’ll all just go away. 
Whatever you choose to do, one thing is certain – that it is not the end, because try as you might to fight it, you cannot ignore the power of skyline and lights that shine in your eyes and spirits. Bisou Bisou!
– Text by Muhammad Asad Ullah, 
Photos by Syed Hasan Iqbal Zaidi 
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