The Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) and Stenden University of Applied Sciences-Qatar (SUAS-Q), a branch of the Netherlands-based educational institution, recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) as part of Qatar’s nationwide educational push towards cross-border collaboration and knowledge exchange.
The MoU outlines a strategic collaborative platform and framework, centered on academic research, as well as on knowledge sharing activities between QFBA and SUAS-Q. 
Initiatives and learning and development tracks under this collaboration will capitalise on SUAS-Q’s international programmes and accreditation opportunities, as well as on faculty staff, student, resource, curricular and knowledge exchange between both institutions throughout the duration of the partnership. 
Central to this collaboration will be the participation of QFBA and SUAS-Q students, who will be volunteering and actively leading on the organisation of joint events between both institutions. 
The partnership will be brought to life through a slew of activities and projects, including research, reciprocal lectures, symposia, and other knowledge exchange events and platforms. 
“In recent years, we’ve accomplished a great deal in elevating the academic and trade acumen of in-market banking and finance professionals in Qatar. And it is on this solid foundation and legacy for QFBA in the local market that we’re raising the bar for our own nationwide ambitions to greater lengths. 
“Our outreach efforts and programmes for the longer term are focused not only on current, but more so, future industry professionals, and on the build of a robust, well-equipped youth talent pool for the Qatari economy and beyond,” said Dr Khalid al-Horr, CEO of QFBA. 
He added: “Partnership is our baseline and way forward in scaling these ambitions, particularly in offering access for Qatari youth to international knowledge exchange, accreditation and, effectively, employment opportunities. 
“We are extremely proud to have signed this MoU with SUAS-Q – one that we are confident will bring a wealth of collaborative opportunities for our institutions as much as for our students.”
SUAS-Q executive dean Dr Ivan Ninov said, “Stenden Qatar is a very well-established higher education institution in the State of Qatar, and has been present in the local educational market for almost 20 years. Over the years, we have had a very good relationship with QFBA, and a good number of our graduates have successfully graduated from the prestigious Kawader programme, which QFBA offers. 
“We are very excited to take this partnership to a higher level of collaboration and to capitalise on synergies between our institutions. Since our establishment our partnerships have been largely geared toward empowering talent and unleashing potential and these partnerships have been built and designed around the very nature of education today: borderless, rapidly evolving, and fueled by the real-time exchange of knowledge, people, and skillsets. 
He added: “This is a direction and ambition very much sought out by the Qatari leadership as it looks to elevate academic excellence locally and beyond. And our partnership with QFBA, of which we are immensely proud, is no exception. We are confident in that it will bring about many opportunities for our youth in the market to network, learn, and lead into the future.”