Latin Honours conferred on 15 NU-Q graduates
June 12 2019 02:03 AM
A total of 15 NU-Q graduates received Latin honours.

A total of 15 recent graduates from Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) have had Latin Honours conferred on them. The honours are conferred to students based on their academic performance over their entire undergraduate career.
“Each student has rightfully earned their Latin honours for continuously demonstrating the highest level of academic excellence, while actively participating in the University’s research and extracurricular programmes,” said Everette E Dennis, dean and CEO.
As the class’s highest-ranking student, Amina Niksic was named 2019 valedictorian. Along with two other graduating seniors, Asmaa Benkermi and Oma Seddiq, she graduated summa cum laude.
This honour is typically awarded to graduates in the top 5% of their class. Niksic, who speaks three languages, also received the Dean’s Highest Scholastic Honours and earned a certificate in Strategic Communication.
Receiving magna cum laude recognition were Bothayna Talal al-Mohammadi, Nada Bediar, Noof al-Subaie, and Noor Own. The magna cum laude is awarded to those in the top 10% of their graduating class.
Additionally, eight graduates, Alia Alkhater, AlJawhara  al-Thani, Asmahan Qarjouli, Hissa  al-Hitmi, Sana Ansari, Shaikha Alderbesti, Syed Muhammad Erzum Naqvi, and Younes Mana, were designated as cum laude, graduating in the top 25% of their class.
Latin honours designated at summa, magna and cum laude date back to the 19th century and are commonly used in American universities to recognise students of the highest academic distinction.
All of the students recognised were also active members of the NU-Q community, receiving several media awards for their projects, taking part in service learning trips, and participating in student-run initiatives. In addition to Latin honours, the class included a number of other achievements.
The highest number of minors and certificates were awarded to the graduates, including seven in Middle East studies, seven in media and politics, and two in gender and sexuality studies. Eighteen certificates were awarded in Middle East studies, and 10 were awarded in strategic communication.

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