* Public encouraged to rely on official sources
* Avoid exposure to sunlight and going out in morning

Abdulla al-Mannai, director of the Meteorology Department at the Civil Aviation Authority, on Tuesday stressed that rumours on social media regarding a significant rise in temperatures, which could go up to as high as 80C, were pure speculation.
He told the official Qatar News Agency that the current temperatures were at the "natural level" and had not seen any unprecedented increase. The current rise in temperatures was in line with the regular levels seen in summer months in the country, he said, noting that there was no indication of a severe rise in temperatures in the coming period. 
He explained that the temperature levels recorded so far this month have not exceeded those seen in June last year, adding that the highest temperature registered by the department this month was 48.2C. He said the world in general has seen a rise in temperatures, highlighting that Qatar registered temperatures ranging between 40C and 42C back in 1973. 
Responding to a question on the accuracy of temperature sensors in cars, especially that it always gives a higher recording than the department's official ones, al-Mannai said such sensors are affected by a number of factors, one of which is being located too close to the engine. Another factor that impacts the sensor's accuracy, according to the official, is its exposure to the car exhaust. 
He said temperature sensors of any kind must follow the guidelines and standards set by the World Meteorological Organisation in order to accurately detect the temperature.
Al-Mannai encouraged the public to rely on official sources while looking for information on temperature levels. He recommended visiting the department's official website or following its verified accounts on various social media platforms. 
Further, he advised the public not to have exposure to sunlight and avoid, as much as possible, going out in the morning. Other pieces of advice he gave included wearing comfortable clothes with bright colours, staying hydrated and avoiding outdoor activities. 
He also called on workers to follow the guidelines issued by the designated authorities on the matter, and urged those concerned not to pressure workers to finish work that would see them getting exposed to the sun. 
Al-Mannai also stressed the importance of not leaving children alone in the car and ensuring that no one is in the vehicle before closing it.
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