“I want to be 
in love with you
the same way
I am in 
love with the moon
with the light
out of its soul.” 

Poet and writer Sanober Khan is on message here and it is just as well that the celestial body is the metaphor for its luminosity. 
Last Thursday, I happened to note a Facebook alert about the moon appearing close. I rushed off to Souq Waqif with the purpose of grabbing some lunar shine — the souq was the chosen rendezvous because I recalled this avid stargazer there with his strategically placed telescope to make the experience worthwhile.
One was not to be disappointed — which is what happens with a Meade LX10 EMC to transport you to another world. Amro Attia, an Optics graduate who likes to call his 5-riyal adventure spot “Waqif Scope Station” (opposite the Fanar Mosque), was at hand to knuckle down the weighty telescope and fix the powerful lens that he says he bought online from the US. 
How does one describe the experience of getting up, close and personal with the moon, except getting “moony” as they say, in popular parlance. A replica with artificial light hovering over it to make it visible in the dark of the night was nearby for inspiration. It was nearly perfect, but of course not a patch on the real thing. The craters were visible and a shimmer that was hard to beat. One also got a chance to watch Saturn and its rings, which however appeared hazier. 
But the moon is a completely different kettle of fish — or astronomical body to be precise. It may be the (only permanent) natural satellite of our planet, but it is a thing of beauty and a joy forever!
—Text and photos by Kamran Rehmat @kaamyabi

TRANSPORTED: An enthusiast sets her eyes on the celestial body.
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